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I think what would happen is that we’d see the transformation in a way that we could never have imagined.Fortunately, it’s already happening.We are doing some work and we’ve had the privilege of coming alongside some community builders in Leeds.Leeds is a city, as you know, in the UK, builders in and over the years we’ve trained a number of builders in the city council, neighborhood but neighborhood networks.In Leeds, one of the things they cared deeply about, is how older people can live well and age well close to home, ensure that and also how to ensure that those who are aging, loneliness and do not die with a loneliness and feelings of uselessness.One of the things that they’ve also come to understand.

That there is no program and their commercial building inspectors are no service for loneliness.The only way that we can address loneliness, relationships and is by building community, relationships, and so traditional models, which take older people and put them together with other older people programs for older people, will not be sufficient to end loneliness.Today in Leeds, their focus is not on building a bridge between older vulnerable people at the center of their services, but on building a bridge between older people, and the center of community life.Take Robin.Robin was in his mid-seventies when he first came in contact with the community builder.

That we trained in Leeds.He had just lost his wife, and he was experiencing all of the challenges, and the traumas, that you experience with bereavement.But the community builder that engaged with Robin, didn’t just listen to those emotions, though she listened.She also asked Robin what his passions were, what he cared about enough to act upon, what made his eyes dance in his head.And what Robin said when she asked those questions was, he was passionate about making walking sticks.

The Philosophy Of Dental Associates

Benefit of that I’ve noticed forum is a line is it’s really nice to be able to take the trays out to e and to also floss clean better my oral hygiene state the show apart from eating or in cleaning are they in your mouth hours a day do you sleep in them yes okay and it’s funny because I but if we can grab a close-upon on camera three you can actually can’t even see them in her mouth.

Yeah it’s it is true with what we say in busy line you there almost invisible yeah it’s really nice about now tell me also Susie you have the traditional brace someone aren’t invisible haha I’m not trying to fool anybody I have braces but they aren’t the attention grabber that they used to be doctor when I went in he only puts his adults in porcelain and so they are clear brackets I mean I Imean obviously I do have braces you can see them what I talk but they’re not the first thing that people grab and focus on they don’t talk to my mouth and although because of my bite I had to have traditional brackets I’minteresting.

I the clear is just a better option well Dental Associates and I also think so too because of dr. I think when you’re an adult you you have this thought in your head I don’t want to have these chunky metal braces let’s call because that’s what they are right it’s moved on from years ago there’s no great yeah and really is as Susie mentioned braces aren’t intended to be a distraction having had braces as an adult as a professional when I was a dentist before going back to school to be an orthodontist.

Fascinating Portable Handheld Printer Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

The upper right-hand corner here and that printer should start going this will give you an idea as to how fast color photos come out on it and we are plugged in now so the test that we did a second ago with the text was also when we were plugged in this photo to be coming out very shortly is also done while we’re being plugged in but it’s just slightly slower in it’s-unplugged mode versus the plugged inode you will see a slight reduction in speed but really it’s not all that noticeable so let this photo print out here real.

Quick and you’ll see what kind of portable handheld printers photo speed you can expect we’re actually doing full-page coverage here too think it’s in draft mode adjusted the default from the iPhone so it’ll give you an idea as to how fast a full coverage page will work now this is something that will certainly eat up a lot more than just printing out text so you will not get four or five hundred pages of printouts off of that cartridge doing stuff like.

This but again lighter coverage like we saw with the text printed out earlier should be fine but you can see here the images coming-out it looks nice I’m even on pretty lousy paper it looks pretty good so I ‘m not complaining about the print quality all it’s certainly not a photo printer but it really isn’t bad for printing out something you need to do very quickly.

landscape maintenance service

Being Go through all landscape maintenance service that shit man I was having a bad anxiety attack this morning just over some stupid stuff but hmm just letting you know my phone’s ringing up off the hook that’s what the vibrating is I got to get back to work and answerable to run this business we make a lot of money man and I’m not even making a lot of money because I’m doing neighborhood of all these mini mansion sand my buddy uh like I said made ,bucks in a date dude I don’t even make that in a month and a half crops are going to go back towards more appealing and just like anything else landscaped areas need occasional maintenance to look their best in the next few minutes.

we’ll show you how a few hours some basic tools and materials and a little elbow grease can spruce up a landscape feature like thistledown freeze-thaw cycles and overgrow nor unhealthy plans are just a few factors that can wreak havoc on landscaping in this case we have a rocked that has old landscape fabric underneath while a good landscape fabric installed correctly and covered with couple inches of rock can help prevent most weeds for a number of years in time the fabric starts to deteriorate leaves dirt and debris will tend to collect in the crevices around the rocks and beg into break down weed seeds inevitably find.

Their way into the mix and eventually you’ll start to see weeds growing replacing the landscape fabric will require some labor but the payoff will be a lot less routine weeding for several years the first thing we need to do is move the rock out of the way square quick shovel such as a scoop shovel or this coal shovel comes in handy for this task we’re loading the rocks into a wheelbarrow and dumping.

Them onto a tarp rocks are extremely heavy so be sure to use proper lifting techniques and avoid filling the wheelbarrow too full with as many rocks as possible scooped up we’re picking up the old landscape fabric and staples we’re also removing the last of the rocks by hand to give us a nice flat surface for the new fabric this helps prevent fabric tears and it should help you avoid accidentally kneeling on a staple or a stray rock for extra protection man to make kneeling more comfortable you may want to wear some gardening knee pads depending on your landscaping part of your routine maintenance may involve repairing or replacing edging for instance.

Five Horse Rein Keeper Tips You Need To Learn Now

would be like this and my horse is galloping off and I’m going hard up dad stop I can’t stop I can’t stop because Couldn’t pull back on my reign she said don’t you dare don’t you dare so if Can’t go back my reins what can I dosh boy glad you asked sorry we can zoom in on the hands your hand should be in a box which means then you don’t want to pull back to here because they’ve moved out of their box you obviously don’t want to give forward like you’re going over so jump either because then they’re out of their box this is for dressage and so they’re in this box but he can see he’s got his attention but if.

I move my law finger Have changed contact in his mouth and in his bit which means herein feels it you know obviously if you’ve got something metal in your mouth and someone vibrates it you’re going to fee lit so you don’t need to do these massive pulls for the horse to feel it so I can just do little touches and go hey hey something’s going to happen something’s going to happen and then I can get and then I can use my seat to say and trot or walk or hold or whatever it is that you want to do and you don’t need to-move your hands from a pulling back position it’s more lower finger vibrations let’s go Chuck.

so in a trot if he speeds up I’m just going to slow my feet he’s actually really good boy if he’s big that what I’m telling him to speed up if I tell him to go and then Just talked my stomach he comes back and flows down now he’s been taught to do that because I need him to be off the seat but if if you didn’t slow down Would just use a little bit more of rain a little bit more of a half-off say hey you need to listen to my baby attic now the walk I just did a light half art with the vibration of the reins and then the seat now if you’re on a strong horseman uneducated horse a baby horse you might need to sometimes.

when I’m on baby rein keeper for horses horse my reins are out here they’re up here okay up here and up here because I’m trying to tell the horse what it is-that I want to have what I want it to do and where I want it to go so if you’re on a young horse or a strong horse you want to get them to start listening to your vibrations and that might mean you have to do some like bigger pools to start with and say hey listen to me and then you can do the little ones the sames occasionally you might need to use your whip to say hey listen to my legend then you can just use white leg so you want your dress outsourced to grafter your bite eight so I tried that helped I talk to you guys have fun training with that and I will see you.

Clarifications On Heating And Cooling

You could use one of these horizontally because it’s a long sweep again they make long sweeps and two-inch they make them in inch and a half swell and you just need to know the difference that the shorter two sharp ones are typically used for refer for venting only and you’ll usually see a lot of them an inch and a half and two inch because that’s typically what most people use for events except for the main stack and we’ll talk about that buyout wouldn’t want to use this for any kind of drain for any kind of water drainage it’s too sharp and it’s gonna.

slow your water down much more than than by Heating and Cooling using a wide sweep there’s another kind of dinning called street elbow and I know I brought one here here’s one here if you look at a regular elbow it’s going to have this kind of fitting on both ends and of course that fitting is designed to takes piece of pipe right the glue a piece of pipe on a street fitting has on the other side it has that kind of a pipe accepting fitting on one end but the other end is exactly the same size as apiece of pipe itself and what you would do with that is you can stick.

This directly into another fitting and make really great way to make turns and things but we’ll talk talk about that Ina minute but this street fittings are great because if you need to put two fittings together or one fitting into another by using a street fitting you can do it it’s easier you can you can connect you can connect two kinds of fittings like this together by taking short piece of pipe and gluing repair my plumbing it between them so you’d stick a little piece of pipe in here and you’d glue this on it and it works okay but it’s easier and quicker to just blue one of these inks.

it’s a single glue joint but the other main reason why people use them is it takes up less real estate if you have like this a if you hadn’t you don’t have it in front of me here if you had two s and you wanted to put them together which is a cheating way to make a long sweep to two s glued together give you a long sweep if you had two regular ones you could put them-together.

The Reasons Why We Love Business Cards

To the got tried anyways damn it Chris you’re a little late on going for Triple H there but whatever scripts are a little late like Rick it’s okay to lose it’s just raw it’s just a raw tag team match like you can take the L and it’ll be okay now I got to worry about Triple and now he’s put me on the top rope whoa oh no where we go don’t put me.

Back overhear okay well actually a tech back in Rick that was real smart Rick’s like five damn moves away from just passing out in the middle of the Ring which Agathe back into our blades because if you can’t you can’t do too many moves conceal right Rick oh no my tag back it they’re working me hard in the corner here oh my god what what what was that these dudes are Gilding out the underprivileged.

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